Thursday, February 20, 2014

Help @David_C_Cook give free copies of The Story of Jesus to kids around the world

Kids with their books

We at Christian Books Free love David C. Cook. They consistently publish high-quality Christian literature, and their ministry model allows them to give away lots of free things.

You’ve likely already noticed all the free eBooks from David C. Cook we post here, but you may not know just how many free paper books they are constantly giving away to pastors and missionaries around the world. Check out the video at the end to learn a little more about this amazing ministry.

Right now, David C. Cook is asking for your help. They want to give The Story of Jesus to as many children around the world as possible.

The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus clearly communicates the gospel to children using captivating artwork from Action Bible illustrator Sergio Cariello (Marvel / DC Comics). Our team customizes The Story of Jesus for every culture and language, partnering with local churches to transform lives.

This is a chance for kids who may have never heard the gospel to learn about Jesus Christ in a way that they can easily understand.

David C. Cook is able to mass-produce these books so that every dollar you donate provides a copy for 10 children. A $10 donation means 100 children each get a copy!

We know that you come to this site to get free stuff, and we promise we won’t bug you with things like this very often. But this is a worthy cause if ever there was one, and it didn’t feel right not to share it.

Christian Books Free will be contributing to to this effort, and we encourage you to do likewise!

Note that Christian Books Free is in not in any way affiliated with David C. Cook.