Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Perspectives on Congregational Leadership

By Israel Galindo

Perspectives on Congregational Leadership


In sociology the term positive deviance identifies the behaviors that bring about effectiveness and success in those situations where something that should not work, does. At heart positive deviance answers the question, all things being equal, why do some congregational leaders succeed, when others do not? Grounded in Family Systems Theory, this book will challenge congregational leaders to consider a different perspective that can bring about a change in thinking about the nature of congregational leadership. All things being equal, how can a leader be a positive deviant for effectiveness, success, and congregational health? For over fifteen years the author has taught about leadership in a seminary context, served as consultant to hundreds of individuals and congregations, and has served on the faculty of the Leadership in Ministry Workshops, a continuing education program for clergy leadership. He has trained leaders from across the country in a different way of thinking about the ministry of leadership.


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