Monday, April 22, 2013

Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles

By Dr. Steven Stiles

Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles


We had been WARNED, but we had only wanted to serve God. The truth was that not one person had a clue what would actually happen when we first boarded that tired old bus. With two hundred easy miles to our destination, there was little cause for concern. Yet somehow, despite every effort, our humble band of Jesus People never got there—and we never really found our way home.

Wandering for years, and struggling deep on the hard side of miracles, we knew we must not turn back, for every mountain climbed, every desert crossed, every dark valley and peaceful place of rest revealed an unseen Traveler, the One to whom the journey belonged. There is a reason to listen to the Shepherd. There is a reason to stay close.


“Freely you received, freely give.”

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