Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hell and a Loving God

By Claus Tondering

Hell and a Loving God


Is it possible to see hell and destruction as a side of God’s love? If we take Jesus’ words at face value, there is no denying the reality of hell. But most of us hide this truth in a small, remote corner of our minds and are reluctant to let it surface. It is very difficult for us to reconcile our belief in God’s boundless love with the fact that the Bible clearly talks about condemnation and a real, tangible hell. How can I believe that God is love if he lets my good friend end up in hell? This book is an attempt to tackle this problem. There are no cheap solutions, but the author seeks to help us retain our belief in God’s love, even when we are confronted with the reality of hell.


“Freely you received, freely give.”

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