Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prayers from the Pews: The Power of Praying for Your Church

By Teri Lynne Underwood

Prayers from the Pews


What if the problem with the church isn’t what we are doing but rather what we are not doing?

In Prayers from the Pews, Teri Lynne Underwood explores the connection between embracing Scripture, evaluating personal experience, and experiencing the power in praying for your church. Acknowledging the difficulties and short-comings of the “institution of church” while challenging believers to invest in the study of the early church and harness the power of prayer, Teri Lynne brings a voice of hope to the often-hopeless landscape of the modern church experience.

Prayers from the Pews is ideal for individuals seeking guidance in praying for their churches as well as small groups who want to experience the power of prayer in their own congregation. More than another study of prayer, Prayers from the Pews is an invitation to pray.


“Freely you received, freely give.”

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