Thursday, November 1, 2012

Famous Bible Verses: 21 Most Misquoted Verses

By David Hagan

Famous Bible Verses: 21 Most Misquoted Verses


I sat in church listening to a charismatic preacher proclaiming the Word of God in an enthusiastic fashion. I was fascinated by the amount of Bible quotations he reeled off in his one-hour message! I was surprised by the fact that though I was a new believer—having been in Christ for just two years—I could complete some of the scriptures he quoted. However, as one year rolled into another I had to face the embarrassing fact that despite being able to finish off many bible verses, the following essential ingredients were missing:

  1. I could not tell you where those scriptures were in the Bible.
  2. Even if I could locate them using Strong’s Concordance, Bible, or crosswalk-com, I was not aware of the context in which it was said, the actual storyline and how God intended the scripture to be used.
  3. Finally I was forced to face a fact that I was far from being a Berean Christian, miles away from where God will desire for me to be and far from being “a workman that need not to be… ashamed, who correctly handles the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 2).

The truth was that if I didn’t understand the context of a particular scripture, someone could easily misquote it to me intentionally or unintentionally and I would believe whatever I was told.

This book will help you understand some of those famous bible verses!


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