Sunday, November 25, 2012

Devotional Catalyst: Inspiration for Busy Christians

By Gary Martin

Devotional Catalyst


This 40-day devotional brings a refreshing approach to assisting busy people to connect with God.

Taking his inspiration from the rich imagery of the scriptures, Gary highlights creative ways of expressing the grace of God in everyday life. As he notes in day 7, “Putting on Christ is not a cover-up for what you really are; it is a whole new outfit to wear, signifying your new standing before God.” A key point of difference of this study is the focus placed on the resources and provisions given to empower us to express our new identity in Christ.

Through these meditations the illusion of distance from God is dealt with, a deeper understanding of what has been done through Christ is realised, and we will be better equipped to face opposition and difficulties. A passion and excitement for Christian spirituality can be rekindled, as well as a deeper appreciation for God and his eternal purposes. Most of these reflections on relationship with God also have additional Bible references to help in understanding these often-neglected but powerful expressions of salvation and faith.


“Freely you received, freely give.”

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